How Administrative Medicine Leaders Can Help Your Organization

Administrative Medicine leadership takes individuals who can change the way healthcare delivery is currently done with the goal of improving the patient experience. If you are about to engage in an executive search to find talent skilled in administrative medicine, you need to consider not just the certifications he or she has to offer, but a particular mindset that will allow him or her to seamlessly lead others, manage business functions, and bridge health, healthcare, and policy.

How Administrative Medicine Leaders Can Help Your Organization

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The different ways administrative medicine leaders can benefit your organization

Improve Healthcare Delivery and Operations

The right Administrative Medicine leader will understand how separate elements of the healthcare system engage with each other. He or she will be able to look at the relationships among the various parts of your health system, analyze them, and come up with a set of best practices that will address system-wide processes to engender efficiency on an organizational level across the system all while yielding positive effects on the quality of care rendered to patients.

Streamline Financial Processes

When equipped with quantitative techniques, your administrative medicine leader will be able to put strategies in place to analyze, measure, and lower costs while improving the performance of the health system.

Implement Information Technology Systems

Information Technology is no longer something that can be ignored or pushed to the side by healthcare systems. The administrative medicine leader should be able to research, identify and deploy IT systems to help the success of your healthcare organization. He or she should be in the cutting age of technology innovations in order to plan for scalability in the future all while keeping patient satisfaction in order.

Effectively Run Hospital Operations

Inpatient care is growing and continues to be an integral part of health systems. An administrative medicine executive will be able to coordinate between the various departments that are ancillary to inpatient care such as perioperative services, food prep and the like with the aim of making things run more efficiently and improving the patient experience.

Clinical Service Enterprise Growth

One of the most important roles for an administrative medicine executive is to recognize opportunities that will allow the organization to grow and expand services to meet demands. He or she will be able to grow and make changes in services whenever there are changes in demographics, finances, and internal priorities within a service line.

Simplify the Supply Chain

By looking into the supply chain activities in areas such as logistics for goods and services, and supplier relations, the administrative leader can impact how the health system works in order to reduce waste in non-labor spending.

Skills Needed in Administrative Medicine Leadership

Because an administrative leader works with policy and systems, it is not enough for him or her to have expertise in the practice of medicine. It is imperative that this role is filled by someone who has a deep understanding of the business practices of healthcare organizations. He or she must be able to lead the organization and understand all aspects and components including medical management, safety standards, quality control, legal and healthcare policy.

He or she also needs to be equipped with the right certifications. A candidate that has a Masters of Medical Management or is certified by the American Board of Administrative Medicine will have the knowledge needed to take on this type of role.

How to Find the Right Administrative Leader for your Healthcare Organization


Finding healthcare leaders is complicated. Finding administrative medicine leadership can be even more complex. The executive search firm at Summit Talent Group has the experience, know-how and industry connections to help you place the right talent. Our team works as in the white-glove boutique firm model. That means that our principals will be with you every step of the process. If you would like to speak to us about your needs in administrative medicine leadership, contact us. We look forward to working with you.