Retained Executive Search

Summit Talent Group has a sincere interest in having a long-term relationship with our candidates and clients, as demonstrated by the majority of our business coming from referrals and repeat engagements.

Our team of experienced professionals engages in a six-step process to identify and recruit top-level talent to your organization while embracing diversity and inclusion in conducting executive search services throughout the United States.

Summit Talent Group’s team of experienced professionals engages in a six step process to ensure we can accurately represent your culture, vision, mission, goals, strategy and governance structure when identifying and recruiting top-level talent to your organization. Summit Talent Group embraces diversity and inclusion in managing all of our executive searches.

Summit Talent Group establishes a comprehensive executive search timeline that commits client stakeholders and candidates to the search process. We communicate with the interviewers and candidates, outlining critical milestones and setting expectations as early as possible in the executive search process. Our experience demonstrates a well-developed timeline results in appropriate preparation, communication, feedback, and conclusion of the search.

To thoroughly understand your organization, Summit Talent Group begins by learning about major initiatives, capital projects, system implementations and/or change management projects that have a transformational impact on your organization. Through in-depth conversations with stakeholders, we develop intimate knowledge of your organization’s culture, values, mission, vision, goals, strategy and governance structure. Further, we solicit information about the position’s goals, objectives, duties, responsibilities, perceived barriers and attractiveness as well as the ideal candidate’s education and competencies. Finally, we focus on your local community—industry, schools, athletics, housing, climate and cultural amenities—integral lifestyle factors that candidates highly value.

An important marketing tool in the healthcare executive search process, the position specification creates the critical first impression of the hiring organization for candidates, and contains detailed information such as: financials; outcomes; awards; position summary; job location; duties and responsibilities; ideal qualifications; goals and objectives. Further, an operations/cultural competency summary is developed using the key competencies of the position that affords candidates the opportunity to detail career accomplishments and achievements. This tool allows for more robust and in-depth interview dialogue when candidates are at the client site.

To identify and pursue candidates and referral sources from organizations of “pedigree”, Summit Talent Group devotes hours of original research, sourcing, development, and personal contact with candidates that supplements our expansive database of talent. Interactively, we work with the hiring manager and search committee to develop a slate of candidates for in-person interviews, complete with a comprehensive information packet (resume, competency summary, current employer profile, compensation, relocation, optional video and psychometric evaluation) outlining the candidates’ professional career trajectory.

Summit Talent Group actively partners with the client on the coordination of interview logistics and conducts both pre-interview preparation and post-interview debrief sessions with candidates and the search committee. As interviews progress, Summit Talent Group captures a numerical evaluation and anecdotal observations of the interviews; facilitates a candidate of choice recommendation; and conducts a “pre-close” dialogue with final candidates that confirms potential acceptance of an offer.

In formulating and presenting the offer—total compensation, relocation, benefit plans and the pre-onboarding protocols—Summit Talent Group collaborates with the client to ensure appropriate communication and coordination with the candidate of choice, and that references and background checks are completed.