Summit Talent Group Healthcare Executive Search Firm and Recruiter

The healthcare industry is growing daily. As such, it is important for you to secure top talent for your organization. Summit Talent Group is a boutique executive search firm that engages in nationwide searches to find the perfect candidate not just for the job, but for your team. Our team of recruiters specializes in the healthcare realm, but with a nationwide reach. Summit Talent Group healthcare executive search locations include the entire country, we scour from coast to coast: California, Virginia, Oregon, New York and even our home base of Maryland to find the best executive healthcare talent.

When vetting candidates, we go through an intensive interview process in order to get to know the candidate for your organization. The team at Summit Talent Group reviews more than their qualifications and background. Our team assesses their behavior and life goals to be certain that the search conducted is effective. Our six step recruitment process allows us to ascertain that the candidate fits both the needs and culture of your organization. Our process goes beyond the basics to make sure they are absolutely ready to commit, to the point of relocating themselves and their entire family.

Healthcare Executive Searches for High-Quality Talent

Healthcare Executive Search Firm with nationwide reach
Summit Talent Group is a national Healthcare Executive Search Firm

As a nationwide healthcare recruiting search firm, Summit Talent Group is devoted to locating the best-trained professionals to meet your healthcare organization’s cultural and logistical needs. When you are presented with potential talent, they have been vetted and evaluated to your specifications. Every candidate will be perfectly suited for the position and ready to take on the responsibility. Our team of healthcare search specialists will only connect you with candidates who are willing and able to step into the position and immediately contribute to your success and bottom line.

A Nationwide Executive Search Network

Summit Talent Group’s team of healthcare recruiters are experts when it comes to finding the best talent, no matter where they are across the nation. If our team is conducting an executive search in Ashland, KY; the talent may not come from that area. We have built a professional network that allows us to fill positions with only the best candidates who may be located in Hood River, Baton Rouge, or even Missoula. The perfect match for your health care vacancy could be in the least place you expect.

Why is Summit Talent Group able to draw from such a large pool of talent? The team at our healthcare search firm has a long history in the industry. For example, Joe Lavelle, our Chief Operations Consultant – Interim Services has over 30 years of leadership experience in all types of healthcare organizations, including for-profit and not-for-profit health systems, acute, teaching/academic and specialty hospitals, managed care and physician practice management.

Because Summit Talent Group is a boutique search firm, the people conducting the search are the same people you meet with. This is very different than larger executive search firms whose principals make the sale and then outsource the process to newbies in the company who may not have the same connections and industry knowledge. When Joe says he will be taking care of you, it is Joe who will be conducting the search. At Summit Talent Group, tasks aren’t being delegated to junior staff or interns. The comprehensive experience of each of our team members allows them to truly identify the best candidates and invest the time in those who will fit properly in your organization, regardless of where they are located throughout the United States.

What We Look For in Talent

Besides the technical items that we consider in a candidate (experience, education, background), there are other things that must be looked at when choosing a candidate. Crossing off skills on a resume does not make a candidate the right fit for your health care organization. Healthcare is an incredibly competitive industry, but it can be grueling as well. The right talent needs to have certain personality traits in order to both survive in the industry and to be of value to his or her employer. At Summit Talent Group, we do more than just review a resume and conduct a background check. We confirm that each candidate has what it takes if they hope to build a long career at your organization. What do we look for?

The Right Disposition: In the healthcare field, it is imperative that people have the right disposition. This will vary according to their position. Some positions require someone tactful and intuitive. Others require someone with incredible attention to detail and an ability to quickly shift tactics.

Ability to Manage Stress: Healthcare is probably the most stressful industry in the United States. The right candidate needs to be able to manage with a high amount of stress on a constant everyday basis. They need to be able to manage time and pressure. They should be able to be self-aware and understand their strengths and weaknesses and know how to deal with them when timelines and unknowns arrive at their desks.

Service Oriented: Patients are getting savvier by the minute. They want the best care possible at the best price. Today’s patients are no longer passive in their healthcare. As such, leaders in healthcare need to be service oriented. They need to consider how their role within the organization will affect patient care. Even if the leadership role does not involve direct contact with the patient, they must be able to always keep the patient in mind when making decisions in areas such as data management, finance, and clinical issues. A professional who can integrate service into operational tasks will help to make the organization a success.

Flexible: Healthcare is an ever shifting industry. Conditions change quickly and sometimes professionals may be asked to take on responsibilities they were not hired for. When conducting health care executive searches, we assess whether a candidate will be willing and able to jump in when needed for the overall good of the patients, staff, and organization. We make sure that they are able to adapt when new technologies are put in place, that they are able to stay calm and collected when unexpected factors arise.

If you are curious about how the team at Summit Talent Group can assist you and your healthcare organization’s executive search needs, contact us. We pride ourselves on our hands-on service model and on completing searches quickly and effectively. Summit Talent Group’s Healthcare Search team is ready to assist you with your nationwide executive searches. We look forward to hearing from you.

Summit Talent Group Healthcare Executive Search Locations

A list of some of the Executive Search Locations Summit Talent Group specializes in:

California Executive Search: Mission Hills, Orange, Irvine, Mission Viejo

Colorado Executive SearchColorado Springs, Aurora, Broomfield

Florida Executive Search: St. Petersburg

Kentucky Executive Search: Ashland

Louisiana Executive Search: Baton Rouge, Monroe

Maryland Executive Search: Marriottsville, Baltimore, Lanham,

Montana Executive Search: Missoula

Oregon Executive Search: Hood River, Portland

South Carolina Executive Search: Charleston Greenville

South Dakota Executive Search: Aberdeen, Sioux Falls

Virginia Executive Search: Richmond, Hampton Roads, Winchester, McLean, Midlothian, Falls Church, Portsmouth

Washington Executive Search: Renton, Spokane