O’Brien Group Announces the Hire of Two Business Development Executives

October 25, 2019 – Working with retained executive search firm Summit Talent Group, the Ohio-based O’Brien Group is pleased to announce new partnerships with two Business Development Executives – Bruce Cummings and Peter Plantes, MD.

Bruce Cummings is the former President and CEO of L+M Healthcare headquartered in New Haven, CT. Before retiring from hospital work in 2017, Cummings successfully led the initiative to align L+M Healthcare with Yale New Haven Health, enhancing access to locally available primary and specialty care services.

During his tenure with L+M Healthcare, Cummings made several improvements, such as founding the L+M Medical Group and accommodating walk-in capacity and same-day appointments at four clinics. Cummings also designed and developed a cancer center, which is clinically affiliated with Dana Farber Cancer Center, Yale School of Medicine, and Women and Infants Hospital.

Peter Plantes, MD is the former CEO and President of CHRISTUS Physician Group, where he also held the roles of System Senior Vice President, Physician Enterprises and Physician Enterprise Executive. Prior to his work at CHRISTUS health, Plantes served as the Vice President, Medical Affairs & Executive Director of the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Group Faculty Practice. As part of UT Southwestern’s outreach efforts, Plantes spent time building active relationships with regional physicians and health care organizations.

Among Plantes’s accomplishments is service on the National Quality Forum and the NQF Hospital Standards Committee. Additionally, He is a founding board member of Health Internet Ethics, Inc. As such, he was instrumental in the development of national principles and standards for web-based consumer health information.

Both executives will join O’Brien Group where they will actively source business development opportunities, participate in client engagements and development, and network with nationally recognized hospital and system CEOs and board members, supporting O’Brien Group’s mission of leading better, living better, and achieving more.

O’Brien Group is an executive leadership consulting firm with a focus on intrapersonal mastery, interpersonal mastery, and organizational mastery. Centered around the belief that the path to optimal performance begins with the leadership, O’Brien Group works hands-on with executives to understand their specific team challenges and create and implement individualized plans to bring their organizations to the next level.