Healthcare Executive Resume Preparation Tips

Whenever the healthcare search team at Summit Talent Group is engaged in a search, we conduct a deep vetting process of the candidates to be presented to our clients. This includes a comprehensive review of each resume that is submitted for each position. Because of the number of resumes that are assessed by our team, we have become adroit at spotting inconsistencies that reveal a candidate is not truly ready for a career move. If you are about to submit your resume to Summit Talent Group, or any of the other top healthcare executive search firms, we suggest that you take the time to prepare your resume. This process is incredibly helpful as it will help you, the applicant, to reflect and decide if you are unquestionably ready to make a career move that is life-changing. This is the first of three blogs in a series on resume preparation, content and integrity. We hope you find the series helpful.

Resume Preparation

Healthcare CEO Resume
Resume preparation tips for those looking to advance an executive career in healthcare

The retained executive search process is a serious undertaking on both the part of the candidate and the client. It requires an inordinate amount of time to prepare and execute a retained search. Before beginning the journey of a retained search, there are several questions we strongly advise candidates to fully contemplate.

  • Why are you as a potential candidate speaking with Summit Talent Group at this time?
  • What is driving your motivation for considering a job change?
  • What are the dynamics of relocation and its potential impact on you and your family?
  • Are there repercussions and/or timing issues of leaving your employer that would have a potential financial impact?
  • What homework have you done regarding the opportunity… the company’s clinical and financial outcomes, community outreach, cultural norms, and geography?
  • Be honest with yourself: what is your career trajectory? What is the history and motivation behind your previous job changes?

The aforementioned list is designed to prepare you for the rigors of a new career. If you are looking to advance your career in the healthcare executive field, submit your resume here.