Summit Talent Group Completes Vice President Strategic Services

Summit Talent Group Completes Vice President Strategic Services Search for Valley Health.

Vice President Strategic Services Search

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Summit Talent Group Completes Vice President Strategic Services Search for Valley Health

Valley Health’s new Vice President of Strategic Services will oversee the health system’s strategic planning, marketing, and public relations, communications and physician relations with a staff of 25 people.

About the Vice President Strategic Services Search

Because of the public nature of this position, Summit Talent Group began the search by identifying individuals who had more than just the required certifications. The team of expert talent search consultants began to look for professionals with over 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing and communications, brand development, public relations, building collaborative result-oriented teams, strategic planning, and market research.

Once these individuals had been identified, our team began an intense vetting process. The idea was to discover those who had proven track records of seeking out opportunities and strengths and then implementing programs to either solve current problems or help to enhance the strengths of the organizations for which they had worked.

Finally, of those individuals, the team of executive search experts at Summit Talent Group held a series of intensive interviews to ensure that the talent to be presented to the client would be a perfect cultural fit who was truly ready to commit to its mission.

Work With Summit Talent Group

If you are currently looking to fill a similar position, contact us. Summit Talent Group is more than an executive healthcare search firm. Because the team of healthcare search consultants at Summit Talent Group works a boutique model of healthcare talent search, we only handle a few searches at a time.

This allows us to spend the time to conduct a deep discovery of your organization, its mission, and its team. By prioritizing this step and truly getting to know your organization, our team is better able to recognize the right person for the position; someone who is qualified but who will also seamlessly incorporate with your team.

The limited number of searches that we engage also allows our principals to lead the searches. Unlike other contingency firms and healthcare recruiters who delegate search tasks to less experienced team members.

If you would like to learn more about Summit Talent Group, contact us. We look forward to becoming your healthcare search partners.