Summit Talent Group Completes Vice President Philanthropy Executive Search

Summit Talent Group Completes Vice President Philanthropy Executive Search for Bon Secours Charity Health System.

November 3, 2014

Mary Leahy, MD, CEO at Bon Secours Charity Health System in Suffern, NY has announced the placement of the new Vice President – Philanthropy.

About the Vice President Philanthropy Executive Search

Bon Secours Healthcare Recruiters
Summit Talent Group Completes Vice President Philanthropy Executive Search for Bon Secours

Because Bon Secours Charity Health System is a faith-based healthcare organization, the Vice President Philanthropy Executive Search was quite important. The team of healthcare talent search experts at Summit Talent Group were tasked with finding an individual who was more than good on paper. He or she needed to have the right certifications and experience as well as the right temperament to help Bon Secours to achieve their mission of helping “Those in Need, especially those who are poor, vulnerable and dying”.

In order to find this individual, the team of healthcare executive search consultants at Summit Talent Group conducted in-depth interviews to discover the solutions and programs that the candidates had implemented at their previous posts, to understand their thought process and to ensure that their motivations were in sync with those of Bon Secours Charity Health System.

Work With Summit Talent Group

If you are a faith-based healthcare organization looking to fill a critical vacancy, contact us. Summit Talent Group is unlike contingency search firms and other healthcare recruiters. As a boutique healthcare executive search firm, we believe in concierge-level service and a fully transparent process. We take on a limited number of search engagements, allowing our leadership team to run each search, unlike other firms that will delegate search tasks to less experienced team members.

We begin by getting to know your healthcare organization. After achieving a full understanding of your goals, team, strengths, and opportunities, we are able to create a candidate persona that includes not only the qualifications and certifications necessary for the position but also the demeanor and traits that will make them a perfect cultural fit.

Our clients are given a detailed timeline describing when they should expect certain milestones to be hit. This allows our clients to prepare internally and gives them a clear idea of how the executive search team will conduct the engagement.

Once the candidates have been vetted and a thorough discovery process has been conducted, we run a final set of interviews to ensure that the candidates and their families are truly ready to commit to their new life.

If you would like to learn more about our process, contact us. We look forward to learning more about you, your organization and your team…and to becoming your healthcare search partners.


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