Summit Talent Group Completes System Vice President Strategic Partnerships Executive Search

After conducting a national search, Summit Talent Group completes System Vice President Strategic Partnerships executive search for SCL Health.

System Vice President Strategic Partnerships Executive Search

SCL Health executive recruiters
Summit Talent Group Completes System Vice President Strategic Partnerships Executive Search for SCL Health

May 16, 2016

About the System Vice President Strategic Partnerships Executive Search

The person to be appointed as the new System Vice President Strategic Partnerships for SCL Health would be responsible for the successful implementation and functions of business ventures across the system including but not limited to joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, syndications, and other business arrangements. Because of the complexity of the scope of work, the person assigned to the position needed to be both politically skilled, detail oriented, up-to-date with legal and compliance regulations, be ready to collaborate with other departmental leaders, and have experience in all facets of project management from due diligence to post-closing integration.

In order to identify the ideal candidates for this extremely nuanced position, we looked for individuals who could provide case studies of how they collaborated with internal leaders and external entities to encourage the growth of the organization while keeping an eye on financial performance, compliance, and instituting remedial actions when the situation so required it.

About Healthcare Executive Search Firm: Summit Talent Group

The national System Vice President Strategic Partnerships Executive Search was conducted by Summit Talent Group, a boutique healthcare executive search firm. Because Summit Talent Group has espoused white glove service that works alongside our six-step proven recruitment model, we believe in being more than service providers to our clients. Our goal is to become healthcare executive search partners, an integral part of the growth and success of each of our clients.

As a boutique executive search firm, we believe in full transparency. Our expert team of healthcare recruiters begins by conducting a deep discovery of our clients. By taking the time to get to know their mission, team, strength, and opportunities; we prepare our team to be more effective in identifying the individuals who are not just qualified on paper, but those who have the characteristics to succeed in their new role and help their new employers to achieve their mission.

Part of our mission for transparency also includes drafting an in-depth timeline. This allows our clients to have a clearer vision as to when certain milestones will be achieved, as well as to allow them to prepare for the arrival of their newly hired talent.

The team of healthcare talent search consultants at Summit Talent Group is made up of industry experts in healthcare human resources. Because of this experience, we think like our clients. We understand the nuances and challenges that healthcare leaders are faced with.

As a leading healthcare executive search firm, Summit Talent Group understands that certain types of vacancies can have critical effects at healthcare organizations. In these cases, Summit Talent Group offers interim leadership services that will bridge the gap while a permanent talent solution is placed.

If you would like to speak with us about how Summit Talent Group can help you with your healthcare executive search needs, contact us. We look forward to becoming your healthcare executive search partners.

About SCL Health

SCL Health is a faith-based, nonprofit health care organization that operates eight hospitals, three safety net clinics, one children’s mental health center and more than 190 ambulatory service centers in three states – Colorado, Kansas, and Montana. The health system includes 15,000 full-time associates and more than 500 employed providers. Based in Denver, the $2.4 billion health network is dedicated to improving the health of the communities and individuals it serves, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.