Summit Talent Group Completes Director Hospital Billing Search

After a national search conducted by Summit Talent Group, SCL Health has selected a new Director Hospital Billing.

Director Hospital Billing Search Engagement

Executive Search Firm for SCL Health
Summit Talent Group Completes Director Hospital Billing Search for SCL Health


About the Director Hospital Billing Executive Search

Because the director of hospital billing would be accountable for all financial aspects dealing with billing, accounts receivable, claims, denials, and collections, it was imperative that the individuals identified for this search be detail oriented, analytical, and painstakingly devoted to accuracy.

However, the individual to eventually take on this role also needed to have the skills of a strategic leader in order to identify potential issues and implement solutions for them in order to reduce the payment timeline, denials, and to collaborate with the hospital information technology leader to assist in the implementation of technologies to improve the processes of the hospital billing processes.

Additionally, the team of healthcare talent search experts at Summit Talent Group also looked to identify candidates who were skilled communicators and could inspire ancillary team members to improve in terms of customer service with the ultimate aim of making the billing process as close to frictionless as possible.

About SCL Health

SCL Health is a $2.5 billion faith-based, nonprofit healthcare network with 12 hospitals, more than 210 ambulatory service centers, home health care, hospice, mental health care, and safety-net services in three states — Colorado, Kansas, and Montana. The team of healthcare talent search consultants at Summit Talent Group is proud to be a healthcare search partner to SCL Health.

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