Why You Need a Healthcare Talent Strategy

Do you currently have a healthcare talent strategy? If you do not, it is incredibly important that you and the other leaders in your organization begin to collaborate on succession planning and leadership development. Not having robust plans in place for unexpected c-suite and executive talent vacancies can have dire costs including increased turnover and retirement rates, reputational and legal risks, a decline in the quality of patient care and, in turn, patient satisfaction.

Why You Need A Healthcare Talent Strategy

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It is of utmost importance to have a long-term healthcare talent strategy

Your current healthcare executive team may be perfect, your hospital or organization may be profitable and have a fantastic reputation. But are you ready for the talent needs that may happen in two years? A year from now? How about tomorrow?

A talent vacancy in one department can affect the entire health system. This is why you must work to forecast the talent needs that may come up in the distant and near future and devise a healthcare talent strategy that can address any critical vacancy.

Begin by coordinating a leadership talent evaluation not only in your immediate department. Assess talent across other departments; and if you are part of a larger national healthcare system, be sure to include those who may be of promise. If you are not sure of how to begin and conduct this assessment, Summit Talent Group can help.

In your analysis, begin with the performance of those who may be ready to step up into leadership roles. Analyze the skills and certifications they will need in order to be ready to take on a leadership role if one should unexpectedly become vacant. Put plans in place to prepare this person before the need arises.

Continue this evaluation by looking at those who may be underperforming. If you are able to diagnose the reason for their lackluster performance, you will be able to take the actionable steps to either assist those people in improving their mission or – when appropriate – to replace them with more capable talent.

Conduct a deep dive of your healthcare talent turnover and work on answering the following questions:

  • Who is leaving?
  • Why are they leaving?
  • When do they tend to leave?
  • Are they leaving healthcare or moving onto another organization?

By understanding the reason for skilled turnover, you will be better equipped to put programs in place that will reduce the departures of talent and your loss of time and financial investment.

Healthcare Executive Search Firm Summit Talent Group Can Help

As a boutique healthcare executive search firm, the leadership team at Summit Talent Group is ready to become your healthcare search partner. Our talent management systems are set up to assist all types of healthcare organization with all facets of the healthcare talent strategy spectrum.

At Summit Talent Group, we are committed to being more than just recruiters. Our goal is to become true partners to each of our clients. In order to achieve this goal, we take on a limited number of searches. This allows our team to take the time necessary at the start of the search to truly understand your organization, its mission, and its team. By conducting this in-depth discovery at the start of the search, our team is better equipped to identify the individuals who will be the perfect fit for the position.

Our team will also analyze the position and job market and guide you with actionable items to make the job offer attractive to top-notch healthcare talent.  

Because we believe in full transparency, we will prepare a guide for your healthcare executive search. This will help you and your team to know when to expect our team of search experts to reach certain milestones and to prepare for the arrival of your new talent.

In cases where a vacancy is critical, Summit Talent Group offers travel ready subject matter experts who can serve as interim leaders to help your organization to get through the challenges that arise from the vacancy and to help your team prepare for their new, permanent leader.  

We would love the chance to become your healthcare search partners. Our executive search methods are focused on identifying strong leaders with longevity so that your talent investment is truly an investment. Contact us today, we look forward to learning about your organization, its team and needs; and assisting with your healthcare talent strategy.