The Importance of Information Technology Leaders to Healthcare Organizations

Information technology is now an integral part of healthcare organizations. This is one of the reasons that healthcare systems are now investing time and money in implementing the right informatics systems and in placing the right Information Technology leaders. In order to place the right IT talent, one must consider their clinical, financial and administrative experience as he or she must have a deep understanding of these in order to go beyond handling today’s technology but begin to future-proof systems in order to grow their organization’s missions and goals.

The Importance of Healthcare Information Technology Leaders

Healthcare Information Technology Recruiters
Summit Talent Group is a healthcare search firm that works to place Information Technology leaders

In today’s world, privacy and data protection must be made priorities by healthcare organizations. Cyber attacks, malware, and ransomware can wreak havoc on healthcare organizations. In fact, according to a recent survey from Mimecast Security, 4 out of every 5 physician practices have been victims of a cyber attack – 78% of them within the last 12 months. This number is not expected to decline, each day electronic record keeping increases in use and there is a direct correlation between the increase of data breaches and electronic recordkeeping. Another key item to consider is that the risk increases exponentially with the size of your organization. A study by JAMA Internal Medicine found that the chances of data breaches at U.S. hospitals are more likely at larger facilities and hospitals. As such, having the right IT leadership in place is integral to keeping your healthcare organization safe.

What the Right Information Technology Leader Can Do for Your Healthcare Organization

An IT leader does more than just maintain systems. Those who are brought into roles such as chief information security officers, chief innovation officers, chief research officers, and chief data analytics officers can bring down costs, mitigate patient privacy risks, minimize organizational security issues, and improve the quality of care through technology solutions.

How Summit Talent Group Can Find the Right IT Leader for You

The team at Summit Talent Group is made up of seasoned healthcare professionals. Because we have extensive healthcare experience, we understand first hand what challenges and hurdles healthcare organizations go through on a daily basis.

As a boutique healthcare executive search firm, we are selective in how many engagements we have at any one time. When you speak to someone from our team, be that Seth or Joann; you can be assured that they will be spearheading the search throughout the process. Unlike larger firms, we do not assign engagements to less experienced associates. This means you will be working with someone who truly understands the healthcare industry and your needs.

Our extensive professional network gives us access to some of the best talent out there. We pride ourselves on having built strong, long-term relationships with both our clients and the talent we place.

When we engage in a search, we look beyond qualifications. When you are placing a CMIO or a CHIO there are certain certifications they must have, but it takes more than that to succeed in a healthcare organization. It takes more to become an integral part of the organization. Because of this, we dig deep to ascertain that the principles and core of the talent being considered match the values of your organization.

The team at Summit Talent Group has demonstrated success in placing healthcare information technology leaders including System Analysts, Senior Analysts, HIPAA, Directors, Vice Presidents and Chief Information Officers. Our clients consist of major hospitals, faith-based healthcare organizations, national health systems, and academic healthcare centers.

If you would like to speak with us about how we can help you find, vet, and place the right information technology leader needs, contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.