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Summit Talent Group is a boutique executive search and interim leadership placement firm with a national practice in healthcare. Our team of search experts works exclusively in the healthcare realm to place the most talented individuals in hospitals and healthcare institutions such as Baylor Scott and White, Bon Secours Mercy Health, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and more.

We are constantly reviewing resumes in our goal to identify the perfect candidates for C-suite, executive, and interim placements for our clients. In this second of three articles on preparing the perfect resume, we delve into healthcare executive resume content tips.  After reading this piece, you should be better prepared to review your healthcare executive resume and to apply for your dream position.

Healthcare Executive Resume Content Tips

Healthcare Executive Resume Tips
Healthcare Executive Resume Content Tips from the Expert Recruiters at Summit Talent Group

Resume Introduction

The most important aspect of your resume is the first page.  It should be “protected” from unnecessary introductory commentary and used exclusively to highlight the most current approximate ten years of your employment. 

Today’s employers are not looking for a cover letter, summation and/or introductory information about your career.  Therefore, do not include an opening paragraph with your “objectives” for employment.  When editing your resume, limit or even eliminate “dot points” that speak to amorphous skills such as being “strategic” or “collaborative”. These are too vague and do nothing to denote what makes you different, what would make you the perfect fit when compared to your competition.


For each of your positions in the most recent ten years, you should provide a narrative regarding the pedigree of the companies and/or organizations and their size and scope. You should go into detail about your specific role and job functions, including reporting relationships. Be sure to include concrete or unique achievements… sustainable and metrics-driven accomplishments, not simply how you resolved business problems. Numbers never lie. Finally, structure your accomplishments and achievements in line with the job opportunity position specification – without conflation.


In summary, an excellent resume is able to tell your story and allow the interview committee to visualize your role in the organizational structure and the lasting impacts you have imparted. It should also create a picture in their minds of how you will fit into their organization and how you will help them to achieve their mission.

About Healthcare Executive Search Firm Summit Talent Group

Summit Talent Group is a boutique executive search firm that works to place talent exclusively at healthcare organizations. Because our company was founded by industry experts, we understand the challenges that are faced by leaders in healthcare.

That is why when our team of healthcare recruiters is conducting a search for talent, we take the time to conduct and in-depth discovery sessions with both our clients and each applicant. Because we value our reputations, it is of utmost importance to our team that we find candidates who are more than just good on paper, but who are an ideal cultural fit at their new employer so that both parties can grow and succeed.

If you are interested in being considered by our clients, submit your resume. We look forward to getting to know you.