Summit Talent Group Completes Executive Search for Regional Vice President of Human Resources

4/3/17: After a national search, Summit Talent Group Completed the Executive Search Regional Vice President Human Resources for Texas not-for-profit health care system Baylor Scott & White.

The person chosen to fill the position of Regional Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Baylor Scott and White would be key to the seamless administration of human resources functions. Because the position was regional, the candidates presented should be able to determine and direct the needs of each location’s staffing needs and strategize with each location to ensure that personnel placed would push the organization forward financially and to assist in achieving its mission.

When conducting the search, the team at Summit Talent worked to identify candidates who not only had the right certifications and work history but who had a proven track record with measurable results from implemented projects.  This approach allowed our team of healthcare executive search consultants to zero in on the individuals who would be able to lead the health system in organizational development, recruitment and staffing, employment law, performance management, employee relations, and compensation and benefits.

The final candidates presented for the Regional Vice President of Human Resources were chosen for their ability to develop and implement a robust human resources business plan, establish accountability, create solutions to address current hurdles and to develop a diverse workplace.

If you are currently looking to fill a vacancy similar to this Regional Vice President of Human Resources position, contact us. Summit Talent Group is unlike other healthcare executive search firms and healthcare recruiters.

Summit Talent Group is a boutique healthcare executive search firm. That means that we take on a limited number of searches. Because of this, your search engagement will not be delegated to less experienced team members. It is our principals who will lead your search and guide you through the engagement.

Because we pride ourselves on our reputation, we work to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. That means taking the time to fully get to know your organization, its needs, and its opportunities. Once we have completed the initial stakeholder interviews, we draft an outline of the engagement calendar which will guide you through when to expect certain milestones to be achieved.

Our ultimate goal is to evaluate talent and understand how to find a candidate that is not just qualified but will fit within the culture of the organization to execute its initiatives. We work to find talent that is effective and long-lasting.

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