Executive Resume Integrity Tips

Summit Talent Group is a nationwide boutique executive search and interim leadership placement firm that works exclusively with healthcare organizations including not-for-profit, for-profit, academic, governmental, faith-based hospital systems, and more.

In this final of three articles in a series on resume preparation, content and integrity we discuss the meaning of integrity and why it is so incredibly important to adhere to the most stringent standards of integrity when applying for a healthcare executive job. 

In executive search, above all else, resume integrity is integral to the character and performance of an executive leader.  Integrity, meaning honesty, truthfulness, reflection, and coherence, is easily translatable into a resume; especially when you follow the executive resume integrity tips below.

Executive Resume Integrity Tips


It is cardinal that you are completely truthful in your resume. In today’s world, it is almost impossible for data not to be available. If there are misstatements or half-truths on your resume, you can be sure that the executive search firm, healthcare recruiter, or HR director you are submitting your resume to will at least conduct a series of Google searches to confirm key details.

These reputational searches can be as simple as simply Googling your name and the name of the organizations that you have worked for, but the leading executive search firms will go beyond that to search your name with a set of negative keywords to see what comes up. This is the bare minimum when it comes to vetting candidates, so just be honest and detail the following items:

  •         Gaps in employment.
  •         Reasons for position and company changes.
  •         Accurate and chronological dates.
  •         Job titles, locations and reporting relationships.
  •         Education to include dates and degrees earned… not degrees currently in process.
  •         Licensure should only include active credentials.

A few additional best practices in resume integrity include:

  •         Consolidate early career positions without the same level of detail as the most current ten years of employment.
  •         Omit personal information about your hobbies or family.
  •         Limit the number of non-relevant professional associations and publications.
  •         Ensure your social profiles match your resume.

We hope that you have found this series on healthcare executive resume tips helpful. If you are interested in being considered by today’s top healthcare organizations for an executive position, submit your resume. We look forward to working with you.