Evergreen Advisors and Summit Talent Group Form an Executive Talent Alliance

December 12, 2014

Leading investment banking and corporate finance firm Evergreen Advisors and Summit Talent Group, a boutique executive search firm, both located in Howard County, Maryland, have formed an alliance focused on executive talent acquisition.

“In our advisory and consulting work with area companies, a key aspect for success is the identification and recruitment of executive leadership,” stated Shelley Lombardo, Vice President, Evergreen Advisors. “Our partnership with Summit Talent Group offers our clients access to a dedicated resource to attract talent.”

Seth Lee, Managing Partner of Summit Talent Group, echoed Lombardo’s perspective, “The competition for executive leadership in emerging and middle-market companies is intense, requiring a focused recruitment strategy. The alliance with Evergreen Advisors is an exciting opportunity to build a pipeline of talent.”

“Marketing, mentors, money and management, are the bedrock pillars that support the growth of companies,” stated Rick Kohr, founding member and Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Advisors. “Our relationship with Summit Talent Group strengthens the “management” aspect of this principle.”

Recently, Summit Talent Group launched a national search for the Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Evergreen Advisors’ client PathSensors, a leading biotechnology and environmental testing company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The search is slated to conclude during the first quarter of 2015.

Evergreen Advisors and Summit Talent Group

About Evergreen Advisors
Evergreen Advisors is a leading investment banking and corporate finance firm focused on assisting emerging growth and middle-market companies in the areas of corporate finance, growth and exit strategies, business valuations and advisory services. For more information, visit http://evergreenadvisorsllc.com/.

About Summit Talent Group
Summit Talent Group is a boutique executive search firm, headquartered in Baltimore, MD. Summit Talent Group’s mission is to fully embrace the complexities, challenges and rewards of executive talent acquisition as well as devote our personal and business energies to being good stewards of your most precious resource: your people.

About PathSensors
PathSensors, Inc. is a leading biotechnology and environmental testing company. We have developed a suite of mobile bio-detection technologies that can quickly detect the Ebola virus accurately, onsite, in minutes, and with higher specificity than current commercially available technologies.

The mobile PathSensors systems are easy to use, require minimal training and can detect infectious pathogens (virus, bacteria or toxin) from safely obtained samples. To learn more, visit http://www.pathsensors.com/.