Summit Talent Group Completes Executive Search for Chief Medical Officer

2/17/17: Summit Talent Group has completed its Chief Medical Officer Executive Search for Bon Secours Health System’s (BSHSI) Maryview Medical Center. 

When conducting this search, it was important to identify talent that had extensive experience as a Chief Medical Officer as well as certain personality traits and core competencies that would allow us to recognize him or her as the right person for the position. When conducting the search, the team of executive search experts at Summit Talent Group looked at:

Continuum of Care Perspective

In order to find the perfect candidate for the client, the team looked for an individual that would be able to bring together all entities – both acute and non-acute – so that the system would work as one functional unit. He or she would need to find effective ways to communicate and implement best practices across the organization.

Collaboration/ Relationship-Building

The Chief Medical Officer for Maryview Medical Center would be held accountable for engagement across departments, leadership training, and medical staff alignment. The chosen candidates needed to be adaptable and flexible to different situations and adept at conflict resolution. The idea here was to identify someone who would be able to both lead and manage.


The Summit Talent Group team looked to fully grasp the individual’s motivation for a new position. Because Bon Secours is a faith-based values-driven organization, it was of utmost importance that the candidates presented for the position of Chief Medical Officer for Maryview Medical Center possessed the right philosophy for the role to help them achieve the organization’s mission.


Finally, the executive search team reviewed examples of key accomplishments attained over the past five years, that created a significantly positive impact on the patient population, their families, and colleagues.

The final candidate chosen by BSHSI had worked as a Chief Medical Officer, VPMA and Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Director, President, and also had experience as a General Surgeon.


Bon Secours Health System is a $3.5 billion not-for-profit Catholic health ministry sponsored by Bon Secours Ministries and headquartered in Marriottsville, MD. BSHSI owns, manages, or joint-ventures facilities in six states, primarily on the East Coast, including 19 acute-care hospitals, one psychiatric hospital, five nursing care facilities, four assisted living facilities, and 14 home care and hospices services. For more information about BSHSI visit .

Bon Secours Health System chose the services of healthcare executive search firm Summit Talent Group to conduct the Chief Medical Officer Executive Search. Summit Talent Group focuses on identifying and attracting the right candidates for retained and interim candidates for healthcare organizations including non-profit, for-profit, educational, governmental, and faith-based and does so by conducting searches throughout the continental United States.

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