How to Approach Your Manager About Advancing Your Healthcare Career

If you are a healthcare employee who has been honing his or her skills and education in order to advance your healthcare career to reach c-suite or executive positions, you will most likely need to ask your superiors to take the time to speak about moving your career forward, about being part of the organization’s succession plan and exploring the opportunities available to you. When you approach your boss or supervisor about ways to grow into an executive role, you will also want to discuss the things necessary for you to attain the skills needed for your desired role.

How to Approach Your Manager About Advancing Your Healthcare Career

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A guide on how to advance your healthcare career

When you approach your superiors about your desire to grow within the organization, make sure that the conversation is framed around growing their investment in you as a hire. When you speak of your advancement in terms of how it will benefit the hospital or healthcare system, you will spark their attention and remind them that your primary goal is to help the organization to achieve their mission.

By speaking in terms of return on investment and profits, it will also make it easier for you to broach subjects such as conferences, investments in certifications, and time off for professional advancement. Be prepared with a full plan for your advancement that includes your growth path, the tools needed for this growth path, and how it will benefit the organization.

When you are aware of financial issues at your place of work, you will need to do the work for your management team. Clearly illustrate how the dollar investment for your request will improve the state of the organization in the long run, be it by improving patient care and satisfaction, by helping to implement a new technology, and even by helping to lower legal and reputational risks.  Be prepared with case-studies and examples of things you have done that show you can be a future healthcare leader and put together the numbers that demonstrate how including you in their succession plan will be of benefit.

It is important that you make it clear to leadership that you are willing and able to rise to the challenge. If you can show you are self-motivated without being self-important or arrogant, you can make yourself a part of the discussion when an opportunity for advancement shows up.

However, if you professionally present this desire for growth and are don’t receive positive feedback, or if you have presented yourself and are skipped over for opportunities you feel were a great fit for your skills, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Start here by leaving your resume. We look forward to getting to know you.