What Makes a Strong Ambulatory Services Executive

Ambulatory services have changed the world of healthcare and given choice to those seeking medical attention. Instead of going to general hospitals, patients are now able to receive medical care as outpatients in facilities that are often not as crowded and are more closely located to their homes and businesses in a speedy same-day basis. Services provided by these organizations go beyond check-ups and minor emergencies; patients can even receive same day outpatient surgery at ambulatory surgery centers. While the nurses and doctors at these satellite facilities are the heart and soul of ambulatory clinics, it is the ambulatory services executives who coordinate the operational aspects of the facilities to make sure the organization runs smoothly in clinical, financial, and operational facets in order to deliver outstanding service and compete in this growing field. Because of how differently these healthcare organizations run, it is imperative to find the right type of leader to ensure the integrity, success and patient satisfaction of the ambulatory services location.

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The characteristics that make up a strong ambulatory services leader

What an Ambulatory Services Executive Does

The primary goal of an ambulatory services executive is to ascertain that the facility they run is compliant with regulations, delivers top-notch care on a timely basis, and that patient satisfaction is at an all-time high. Executives at an ambulatory services facilities and ambulatory surgery centers must work closely with the center’s staff including physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in order to achieve these goals without having a negative effect on finances. Most ambulatory service leaders will supervise and coordinate with departmental managers, review finances, maintain service records, establish and enact new policies, review laws and update procedures as needed and represent their facility on governing boards. As such, ambulatory services executives must have varied skills and be able to pivot to make sure the center runs smoother.

Skills to Look for in an Ambulatory Services Leader

As noted above, an ambulatory services leader must be able to do a variety of things. Ambulatory services leaders must have excellent interpersonal skills in order to be able to manage a large healthcare team. They must be able to attend meetings with investors, health insurance representatives, and local government to discuss problems and find solutions while building relationships with them. They should also be incredibly organized and analytical in order to keep track of regulation changes and put them in place to stay compliant.  Lastly, your ambulatory care leader must have an understanding of technology so that he or she is able to comprehend new software and implement those programs that will improve workflow, keep records safe, and make the patient experience more streamlined.

Degree and Education Requirements

When it comes to degrees and certifications, your ambulatory service leader must come well armed. They will need to have at least a 4-years bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Having majored in fields such as health administration, business administration, management, health science, organizational leadership, and related fields are quite advantageous. However, for an ambulatory services leader to be truly effective, he or she should have a  Master of Health Administration (MHA) or a Healthcare MBA.

How to Find the Right Ambulatory Services Leader

Finding the right ambulatory services leader can be a challenge. Besides having the right certifications, the right leader must be the right cultural fit for your healthcare organization. Your ambulatory services executive must show robust experience in various facets of the healthcare field and demonstrate a robust understanding of the industry.  

Because the team at Summit Talent Group is made up of healthcare professionals,  we are skilled at identifying the talent that goes beyond having the right certifications but is the right fit for your needs.

When our boutique executive search team conducts a search, we look for qualities in candidates that indicate that they will have the passion to work towards your organizational goals and that they will have longevity within your ambulatory organization.

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